Building a website that will help create your empire

With every minute that passes by, we are bombarded by tons of distractions from notifications to emails, phone calls to meetings and kids crying. Our attention span seems to diminishing more and more with the growth of technology innovation. Well, because thanks to it, we can do more with our time than we ever were able to do before. As a result, grabbing people’s attention has become a monstrous task that’s sometimes impossible to achieve, and those to manage to grab it, win big.

How do you win people’s attention?

Be different. Differentiate yourself from the crowd and add value are step 1,2 and 100. By always thinking, how can i do it differently and in a better way, you will win. In the digital world, we see this everday, with the internet swarming with different websites and services, those that apply those principals are those that are able to grab users’ attention the longest and add value to their lives. The others fail because simply they are not able to create an effective and valuable user experience.


With technology becoming more and more accessible, it is becoming very easy to build websites, and building them in a crappy manner that lacks any thought and strategy. With only 3 minutes to attract a user and few minutes to retain him, they end up failing miserably.

So talking about websites, we need to ensure it contains certain features such as a good design, easy navigation, clean and interesting content, which can turn the user experience into an exciting journey. Thus, one needs to adopt good and effectual web development and content methodologies to achieve these desired results and goals.


Here are some features which can be incorporated into web development to ensure the website can stand apart from the crowd.

Easy navigation

A website should be easy to navigate for making it accessible for the users. If surfers would have to spend time on how to navigate from one page to another, obviously they would leave the website.

Labelling the pages

It is always advisable to label the pages of the website accurately. This would make sure that the user can find his way even if they are lost on the website. This will also assist them in finding the information they are looking for seamlessly – as if it was built for them!

No need for useless introduction pages

The introduction pages normally do not hold any value for the website. A page just welcoming the users and giving links to click is nothing but an irritating feature. Thus, it should be avoided at any cost if one wants effective web development.

Bringing elegance to the web design

It is nothing wrong with having a simple design for a website. However, one needs to ensure
that basic elements of a website such as the footer, header, logo, text, icons, sidebar, etc are placed neatly on the web page. This would leave more of white space, thereby adding elegance to web development. Remember, no one wants to look into a messy website. Everyone wants a website which is easy to look at.


A web design alone cannot create an elegant user experience. It requires solid web development techniques that would make the experience enjoyable.

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